Using a Reusable Menstrual Cup


Reusable menstrual cups are shaped like a bell which is worn inside the vagina and are used for period protection. Reusable menstrual cups act as storage vessel of menstrual fluid and its removed when ready washed to be used again. These washable menstrual cups can last for many years, and thus they are environmentally, and economic friends since women do not need to buy them every time there have menstruation and dispose of them.

Latex and latex free hypo allergic silicone are the ones used in making washable menstrual cups because they don't give irritation to women with sensitive skin. The reusable menstrual cups are available sizes and can be worn by every woman no matter the size of her vagina. In menstruation time, one does not need to buy a new one but rinse it and insert it into the vagina. It's advisable to boil the cup in water after use to keep it in the right hygiene. There are cleaning products which are sold by reusable menstrual cup manufacturers which contain hypo-allergic substances.

Diva cups at r are the latest invention in hygiene protection in women and are made of silicon. These cups are comfortable, reliable and sanitary. They hold a lot a lot of menstrual fluid, and they can stay a day without its half capacity being filled. These menstrual cups make women feel comfortable when having menstrual periods and they can do activities such as swimming, riding, and hiking without difficulty. Diva cups are recommended for women who participate in sports and those with the heavy menstrual flow. Diva cups collect only the menstrual fluid from the vagina and leaves the natural vaginal fluid which is very vital to the vagina. The diva cups are made up of medical grade silicone which is durable and with 100% of hypoallergenic which is fit for women who get allergy when uses other cups made of latex.

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Diva cups at are two types which are model 1 and model 2. Model one is for women who are below 30 years and are yet to get birth. Model 2 is used by women who have given birth and are above the age of 30 years. These two models make the diva cups to be used by women no matter their strength and elasticity of their vaginal muscles. Diva cups are economical since there is no need to buy a new one every month and because they are durable, they are friendly to the environment because of no dumping of them like any other non-reusable sanitary pads.